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Peacenik.co.uk was set up so people can access the internet and raise money for peace and justice projects at the same time.

The money raised goes into a fund which is ring-fenced for peace and justice work. Peace and justice groups can then make applications to the fund for help.

Four times a year, all those using peacenik.co.uk will be asked to vote for the projects that they think the fund should support, and the money will be given accordingly.

Whilst there are huge industries, Government departments, and even university departments geared up to supporting violence, peace work is notoriously under-resourced. Peacenik.co.uk was set up to provided much-needed resources for peace work. It is a way that people can support peace initiatives easily and as part of their everyday lives. All they need to do is make Peacenik.co.uk their internet access provider.

The Kinds of Projects that Peacenik supports:

  • Those who choose to enter conflict zones around the world and work on behalf of people suffering human rights abuses
  • Accompaniment programmes’ whereby peacemakers go into a conflict zone and live alongside the people they are seeking to help
  • Reconciliation initiatives which mediate between groups who are in conflict
  • Research into non-violent alternatives and solutions to conflict

The Peacenik Fund

Peacenik is a brand new venture, launched in April 2006. However, the thinktank Ekklesia has made a donation to get the peacenik fund going of £1,000. Peace groups are invited to submit their applications to the fund for resources for their projects. Applications should be no more than two sides of A4 and sent by email to:

Grants will be made irrespective of religion, ethnicity, gender, age or sexuality.

ekklesia logo

Ekklesia is a thinktank set up in 2001 to promote radical ideas, particularly those of peace and justice, in public life. It was recently listed by the Independent newspaper as one of the top 20 thinktanks in Britain.

It's work is regularly featured in the press and media, most recently commenting about the work of Norman Kember and Christian Peacemaker teams in Iraq.

Premier Logo

Premier is a Christian Radio station in London which interviewed peace activist Norman Kember before he went to Iraq. It is a partner in peacenik.co.uk and is running a 10 week advertising campaign to promote peacenik.

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